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Touring is an integral part of the WYSO program. It creates a unique form of community engagement by exposing new audiences to orchestral music. Touring also provides rich experience for WYSO musicians through travel, performance, the arts, and cultural and educational opportunities. Through touring, WYSO members learn independence, responsibility, and how to work as part of a team.

International Tours

Historically, WYSO’s Youth Orchestra has embarked every other year on an international tour that extends for one to two weeks. The most recent tour was trip to Peru in 2018, and the Youth Orchestra has also toured England, Scotland, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Argentina, and Italy.

An extended tour entails substantial expense and detailed planning over a two-year period. The cost of international touring is not included in WYSO tuition. Members who seek major tour financial assistance are expected to participate fully in WYSO member fundraising activities.

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WYSO Tours

In-State Tours

Every WYSO season, each orchestra gives concerts in Madison and throughout the state. Philharmonia Orchestra generally performs in a scheduled one-day-tour. Concert, Sinfonietta, and Opus One Orchestras typically embark on a local one-day-tour to area schools or participate in school-based cultural events. Youth Orchestra performance opportunities vary from season to season.

Regional Tours

At various times, Youth and Philharmonia Orchestras have traveled outside of the state of Wisconsin to participate in special events in Minneapolis, Washington, DC, and New York.

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