Scholarship Information

WYSO Scholarship Offerings

WYSO strives to keep costs as low as possible for families. Tuition fees cover less than 30% of the cost for each student to participate. The balance is made up through fundraising efforts of the WYSO Board, staff, and members. The WYSO Board of Directors encourages members with a financial need to apply for a scholarship. It is a policy that every family should contribute at least a portion of the cost for the benefits received. Consequently, full scholarships are not awarded (maximum award is 95%) and amounts awarded are based on need, available funds, and the number of applicants. Scholarships are not based on musical merit.

The types of scholarships available are described below.

Families can apply for scholarships during the year due to unexpected financial need. All applications are handled in the strictest confidence and in the most timely manner possible.

Tuition Scholarship

  • All members are eligible.

Chamber Music Program Scholarship


Private Lesson Scholarship

  • All members are eligible.
  • Private Lesson Scholarships cover a maximum awarded amount of $47.50 for 30 lessons between September-May. 

Instrument Assistance

  • Instrument assistance can include assistance with rentals, repairs, or other needs as requested.

International Tour Scholarship (when applicable)

  • Not applicable for the 2022-2023 season.
  • For Youth Orchestra members who plan to tour.

Murphy Family Interlochen Scholarship Competition

  • Youth Orchestra members interested in attending the Interlochen Summer Camp may use the Youth Concerto Competition to compete for a $1,000 scholarship to assist with the six-week camp tuition and a letter of recommendation from the Youth Orchestra Conductor.
  • Members may audition for the Interlochen Scholarship only, the Concerto Competition only, or both.
  • Deadline for 2023 TBD.

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, please email