Ensemble Programs

Supplement Your
Orchestral Experience

WYSO offers ensemble opportunities for orchestra members to supplement their educational and orchestral experience. Through participation in ensembles, students become more proficient on their instruments, learn teamwork and leadership skills, and explore musical repertoire outside of the orchestral setting.

Percussion Ensemble Student

The WYSO Percussion Ensemble

Directed by Vicki Peterson Jenks

For over 50 years, the WYSO Percussion Ensemble has delighted audiences with its unique sound and energetic playing. The Percussion Ensemble performs during regularly scheduled concerts and is also featured in the annual WYSO PERCUSSION EXTRAVAGANZA. The Percussion Ensemble is required for all WYSO percussionists.

Ensemble Percussion Session

The WYSO Brass Choirs

Directed by Josh Biere

The WYSO Brass Choirs assist brass players in becoming proficient on their instruments, teach sectional teamwork, and focus on music written expressly for brass ensembles. All of these aspects contribute toward creating better orchestral musicians.

The WYSO Brass Choirs are required for musicians who play brass instruments and audition into Concert, Philharmonia, and Youth Orchestras. Each brass section rehearses once a week.

Brass Choir Ensemble Students

The WYSO Harp Ensemble

Directed by Jenny DeRoche Christian

The WYSO Harp Ensemble has two components: orchestral playing and participation in the ensemble. WYSO harpists meet on Saturday mornings to rehearse with each other and with the orchestras to prepare for concerts and a harp recital each season. Students develop orchestral skills through individual and small group coaching, orchestra rehearsals, and performances. Additionally, the harp ensemble offers students the opportunity to learn chamber music skills.

If you are interested in just joining Harp Ensemble and not an Orchestra, please fill out this form.

Harp Ensemble Student

The WYSO Flute Choir

Get to know fellow flute players and learn from your peers! Students will explore music tailored to the group skill level and playing abilities from folk to classical to modern works. This program is open to WYSO members as well as student musicians in the community who are between 11 and 18 years old and generally have two to three years of ensemble experience and perform individually at a standard high school or advanced middle school level.

If you are interested in joining the Flute Choir please fill out this Interest Form.

If you have any questions, please email wyso@wysomusic.org.

Brass Choir Ensemble Students