A Tradition of Excellence & Fun

A Tradition of Excellence & Fun

At WYSO, students can hone their techniques in masterclasses with some of the best orchestral musicians in the country, participate in WYSO Concerto Competitions, learn chamber music repertoire with their friends, and perform in community celebrations with WYSO Music Makers. WYSO challenges students to achieve beyond their expectations.



WYSO Orchestras

Each year the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras offers a full array of the finest orchestral training. Three full orchestras, two string orchestras, and a variety of ensembles from Percussion to Harp to Brass Choirs forms the core of the orchestra program. Auditions are required to participate and are held each spring. 


See what WYSO Members have to say!

Ana WYSO Student

“WYSO has given me a lifelong family that I will never forget. I can’t imagine my life without WYSO.”

Ana, Flutist, WYSO Youth Orchestra

Tierney WYSO Student

“I love WYSO! There’s awesome people, there’s awesome music, I’ve grown as a person and as a player here. WYSO is the best!”

Tierney, Percussionist

Sophie WYSO Student

“I love WYSO because there is a great community and atmosphere that I look forward to being a part of every weekend.”

Sophie, Philharmonia Orchestra

WYSO Music Makers

The WYSO Music Makers program is designed for the student who would love to learn how to play an instrument in a diverse, non-competitive setting. No instrumental experience is necessary, and no audition is required. Celebrate your learning with biannual recitals and performances at community programs and festivals.

WYSO Chamber Music

Perhaps you already play an instrument and would love to explore the small group experience of chamber music. You might even be a member of an orchestra or of Music Makers and want to delve more deeply into classical chamber music repertoire. Or perhaps you have been taking piano or cello lessons for several years and would like to play with a small group of students as passionate about music as you are — without jumping into the full commitment of an orchestra. The WYSO Chamber Music Program is open to both WYSO musicians and non-WYSO musicians. To learn more about Chamber Music click the button below to fill out an online application.


Students hone their techniques in masterclasses with some of the best orchestral musicians in the nation. They also participate in WYSO Concerto competitions, audition for honors ensembles, and mentor in the WYSO Music Makers community impact program. WYSO challenges students to achieve beyond their expectations!