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The Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras is grateful to our many Supporters and Donors!

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Coe and Paul Williams


Diane Ballweg
Edith Olsen Music Foundation
John J. Frautschi Family Foundation, Inc.
Gialamas Family Foundation
Shirley and Stanley Inhorn
Jun and Sandy Lee
Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, Inc.
John and Carolyn Peterson Foundation, Inc.
Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation
Steinhauer Charitable Trust
Nathan and Lee Wilke


American Girl’s Fund for Children
Theodore W. Batterman
Martha and Charles Casey
Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission
Randall L. and Marilyn Dimond
Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation
EnRich Financial Partners, LLC
W. Jerome Frautschi
Graham V. and Margaret Fuguitt
Javier Garay
Michael George and Susan Gardels
Mary S. Gerbig and William C. Houlihan
Peter Lee and Tiffany Lim
Bruce Matthews
Barb Merz
Cyrena and Lee Pondrom
Deepika and Rajaraman Rajesh
U.S. Bank Foundation
Andrée and John Valley
Wisconsin Arts Board


Angela and Chris Batterman
Marian and John Bolz
The Capital Times Kids Fund
Eugenie Mayer Bolz Family Foundation
Forest Foundation Inc.
Terry Haller
Richard Hammerstrom
John Jenks and Vicki Peterson Jenks
Cynthia and Scott Kuenzi
Yao Sun
US Bank
UW-Madison Memorial Union
John Walker
Richard W. and Dolores Wolf


Anna Biermeier and Roger Hanson
Dorothy Blotz
Kurtis and Jennifer Bock
Bolger Family Fund for WYSO
Robert M. & Anne W. Bolz Charitable Trust
Marjorie Briskey
Sarah Carzoli
C. K. and Julie Chang
Linda and Keith Clifford
Becky Dick
DoubleTree Hotel – Madison
Al and Ann Ellingboe
The Evjue Foundation, Inc.
Farley’s House of Pianos
Theodore Goeres
Quinn and Paula Hogan
Roger Inhorn and Victoria Masakowski
Gary Johnson
Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison, Inc.
Xixue Mei and Jian Zhou
Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Pledge?
Jayne Neuendorf
Oak Bank
Oakwood Village University Woods Homes Inc.
Old National Bancorp
Kato Perlman
Mary Ellen Peters
Laurie and Terry Riss
Earle Smith
Charles Snowdon and Ann Lindsey
Nicholas and Judith Topitzes
Theodore and Janet Tweed
Jining Wang and Eugene Kaji
Ward-Brodt Music
Charlotte and Claude Woods
WYSO Endowment Fund


Hildegard and Julius Adler
Stephen Arvedson
Emily Auerbach and Keith C. Meyer
Lyric Bartholomay
James Berbee and Karen Walsh
Richard Bo and Yaohui Xu
Thomas E. Buchhauser and Jack H. Ely
Susan Collins and James Peterson Jr.
Vincent Cryns and Julia DeMaria
Sally Ann and James F. Davis
Andrea Devereux
John and Molly Dowling
Duke Energy Foundation
Jane M. Eisner
Karina Shook Eversley
Marc and Marcia Fink
Tim and Susan Frank
Bridget and Donald Fraser
Evan Fye
GE Foundation
Mary B. Graham
Harry and Lynn Halme
Philip Hardacre
Heid Music Family Charitable Fund
Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
Donald B. and Debra Jenny
Diane J. Kliebard
Robert and Judy Knapp
Catherine and Thierry Krier
Madison Community Orchestra
Howard Metzenberg
Mondira and Kevin Muldowney
Christopher and Tina Nielsen
Tamara and Dirk Nuenninghoff
Bea Jay Panke
Gwen Quail
Kelly Savage and Sharad Goel
Beverly Schrag
Schwab Charitable Fund
JoAnn Six
Charles Smith
Katherine Stadler and Mark Neuser
William Steckelberg
Robert R. Stroud
Catherine Tesar
Updike Family Charitable Fund
Selma Van Eyck
Joachim and Carol von Elbe
Lorraine and Hans Westermark
WYSO Parent Leadership Committee
Benjamin Yde
Ronald Zerofsky


Dana and Todd Asmuth
Debra L. Ayers and Gregory DePrince
Mark Banik and Jennifer Paul
John D. and Esther S. Briddell
Capitol Bank
Peter Chang and Ann Gisinger
Ching Chou and Ka Tsang
Marshall and Arlene Colburn
Charlotte Douglas
Edith Epstein and Michael Tsuk
Nadine Fakhran and Muhammad Itani
Renee and Timothy Farley
Jon Filter
Wesley and Ankie Foell
Robert E. Forbess and Eunice Reep
Kathleen Gau
Judith Good Stearns
Daniel Griffith
Jeanne Griffith
Terence Grosenheider and Ava Bie
Cesarina and Raymond Guries
John M. Hall
Carroll Heideman
Thomas Heninger
Mike Hennessy and Diane Mayland
Ronnie Hess
Karen Hiles
Douglas and Karen Hill
Duane F. and Audrey M. Hinz
Michelle and Chris Kaebisch
Robert Horowitz and Susan B. King
David and Murielle Hsu
Rong Hu
Helen Iltis
Hongrui Jiang and Guangyun Lin
Norman Scott Johnson
David Koehler
Rebecca and Didier Mandelbrot
Elaine and Nicholas Mischler
Heidi and Rob Nowak
Casey and Eric Oelkers
Keith and Rosemary Peterson
Susan Milan Reingold
David and Dawn Rieckmann
Zack and Laila Robbins
Stephen and Penny Root
Ruth M. Saecker
Brian and Debbie Kay Schrader
Susanne and Andreas Seeger
Daniel and Cheryl Siehr
Marcia J. Smith and Anton Tenwolde
Robert and Suzanne Smith
Lynn M. Stathas
JoAnn Tiedemann
Michael Truesdell
Nancy and Donald Tubesing
Jon and Susan Udell
Toby Wallach
Kathy and Kevin Walsh
Timothy and Shabnam Wells
Ann Wondolowski
Songwei Zhou
Thomas and Karen Zilavy


Namrata Ahuja
American Family Insurance
Virginia Anderle
Charles Joseph and Carole Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Anonymous (7)
Richard and Alice Appen
Jessica and Joshua Arrigoni
Annette and Chris Ashley
Kathy Baharaeen
Eric and Stacy Baker
James Baldwin and Alexis Buchanan
Christopher Barden and Christine Rew Barden
Burton Barnard
Robin and Stuart Bass
Kathy Beadles
Suzanne Beia
Bob Benjamin
David Berg
Linda Bergren-York and David York
Peter and Valerie Besenbruch
Rasmus Birn
Aimee Biwersi
William Blankenburg
Anne Bolz
Bhavani Bommireddy Narasimhareedy
Glenn and Winifred Bowen
Radhika and Dan Bradley
Pamela and James Braun
Donald and Carola Breckbill
Joan and Dale Burke
Harriette and Jack Burkhalter
Jared and Rachael Bushek
William and Jane Campion
Dennis and Jean Carlson
Colleen Chase
Jerry Cheadle
Weijun Cheng and Ke Wang
Tim and Nicole Christian
Shu-Ching Chuang and Cheng-Wei Wu
Linda Clauder and Zorko Greblo
Sarah Corden
Amelia Dahl
Terri and Curtiss Dahl
Ruth Dahlke
Carl and Kimberly Davick
Tim and Kristin Dalby
Preeti Dalvie
Joseph and Constance S. Davis
Lloyd A. DeWald
Mary DeZiel
David and Jane Dohler
Andrea Dimond
Nicole Dimond
John and Clela Duemler
Ryan Dyer
Damon Eckard
Scott Eckel and Christine Mata Eckel
Wendy Eudey and Randy Wright
Georgia Evans
Michael and Anne Faulhaber
William and Colleen Feist
Luis Fernandez
Jane and Michael Ferris
Robert Fettiplace and Merriel Kruse-Fettiplace
Mary Ann Fitzsimmons
Thomas Fjelstad
Angela Flickinger-Pierce and Rodney Pierce
Siiri and Michael Forbes
Murphy Fraser
Barabara and Douglas Freeburg
Russell and Nancy Friedl
Mary Jo Fröden
Carol and Robert Frykenberg
Andrew Fuchs
Vicky Gao-Maller
Barbara Garton
Sharon Gashette
Amanda Gausewitz and Rich Arriaga
Lucille Goeres
Padma Gopalan
Ann and Cary Gravatt
Ann and Christopher Green
Gary Green and Leann Tigges
Bonnie Greene
Janet and Tyrone D. Greive
Ray Guiao
Frances Haeberli
Joan and George Hall
Teresa and James J. Hall
John and Geralyn Hamilton
Marc and Alice Hansen
Donald and Mary Harkness
Susan Harris
Emily Harvey
Tina Hatch
John and Sarah Helgeson
Howard L. Hochman and Rose M. Meinholz
Yuanyuan Hu
Christopher Hudson and Kristen Davies
Steven and Susan Huss-Lederman
Nizar Jarjour and Elma Sia
Shivakumar Kalyanaraman and Poorna Shivakumar
Nalini Kandalla
Heidi and Matthew Kenney
Ej Kim
Julie Kim
Moo-Young Kim and Anna Myeong
Sujin Kim and Ocktaeck Lim
Yeong and Kevin Kim
Andrew J. Kinney
Carole and Jack Kirchner
James Kjelland
Jill Kneer
Wolf Koch
Constance and Paul Kostelac
John Kraniak III
Connie Kraus
Teri and John Kremer
Jaya and Sarath Krishna
JoAnn and Paul Kronberg
Andrew Kydd
La Mestiza Mexican Cuisine
Sheila Landsverk and Ronald F. Hunt
Ann Lanphear and Tom Black
Alaya Lee
James and Jane Lee
Jin and Hyun Lee
Lang Lee
Melanie and Justin Leiterman
Carol Leybourn
Ting Li
Kate Lindner
Jonathan and Betty Little
Ann Groves Lloyd and Ron Lloyd
Joseph Loehnis
Elaine Lohr
Mark Louden and Jeanne Schueller
Mary K. and Doug Loving
Debra Martin
Andrea I Martonffy and Aaron Mitchell
Karen and Christopher Mayer
Kimberly A. McDowell
Jean and Walter Meanwell
Christopher Mejia
Neal and Cathy Miller
Rick Mills
Miles T. and Sarah B. Morgan
Richard and Jo Ann Morgan
Gary and Carol Moseson
Elena Moya
Stephen Mueller
Erica and Brian Ni
Dongkun Noh and Sinhye Kim
Michael Nott
Mary O’Connor and Robert Bocher
Norman Paulu
Zhengyu Pei and Tu Zhang
Marilyn Peltier
P.E.O Sisterhood Chapter BL
Anders Peters
Karl Peters and Mary Blair Wellensiek
Mimi Phan-Dinh and Sinh Dinh
Kathy Piech
Maxim Pogorelov
Jordan Price
Vi Quang and Lei Zhou
Eileen Rabson
Rasa and Vijay Raghavan
Nathan Ramsay
Ruth Rankin
Stephen E. Rankin
Stephen G. Rankin
Janet Rarick
Scott Reeder and Jean Brittain
Karen Reuss
Dennis and Kim Rhodes
Robert and Kathryn Richardson
Evelyn and Vern Rieckmann
Sarah S. Roberts
Victoria and James Rockman
Peggy Rooney and Jon Woods
Roto-Rooter Sewer Service
Mary and Kendall Rouse
Joan Rundhaug-Witz and Craig Witz
Matthew and Linda Sanders
Leah Sandholm
Janis SavageSarah and John W. Schaffer
Carol and Dean Schroeder
Leah Schultz and Zachary Larson
Mickey Sethi
Andrew and Mary Sewell
Patricia Seybold
Bassam and June Shakhashiri
John and Saundra Sheehan
Yan Shen
Jennifer and Peter Sheridan
Charles and Catherine Sih
William and Regina Sims
Jason Smith
Patricia Smith
Thomas Sobota
Bonnie Sommers-Olson and Jeff Olson
Harriet and Ray Statz
Stephanie Steinfeldt
Judy and Walter Stevenson
Jurate Stewart
Richard and Ruth Stewart
DeeDee Stoffels
Laura M. Stoller
Stephen Stone and Karen Holtz-Stone
Mark and Anne Marie Streeter
Kenneth D. Strmiska and Sabina Singh
Laurel and Thomas Strock
Joan Sumkin and John Butler
Eileen and Tom Sutula
Kay and Ronald Sweet
Mindy Taranto and Kenneth Mericle
Harv Thompson
Joan Tillett
James and Karen Troupis
Earl and Mary Updike
Kim Upper
Dewi and Albin Valand
Richard and Sharon Vander Woude
Melissa and Michael Wagner
Anya Walker
Catharine and Ellis Waller
Michael C. Wanke and Amalie Frischknecht
Scott Whittingham
Virginia Wickman
Connie Wiegeshaus
Susan Wigdal
Deirdre Wilson Garton
Helen L. Wineke
Kirsten Wolf
Michael Wolf
Mike and Diane Wondolowski
Charlotte Woolf
Jill Wootton
Tim and Kristen Wurgler
Madison Xiao
Chunxiang Xu
Jessica Yehle
Eva Mae Struckmeyer Youngberg
Yingying Yuan
William and Beverly Zarnstorff
Cindy and Doug Zblewski
James and Nancy Zellmer


Alan Abraham
Catherine Ahrens
James and Amy Anderson
Emy Andrew
Anonymous (8)
Gary Antoniewicz and Martha Taylor
Joan Arvedson
Jane Barnard
Cheryl and David Bartlett
Dustin Benedict
Lucy and Michael Bertelsen
Robert Bielefeld
Lina Bigornia
Cynthia Bittar
Irmgard Bittar
David Blehert
Dan Bolha
Alex Bonick
James and Marsha Borling
Eng and William Braun
Danielle Breisach
Peter and Barbara Burkholder
Barry Burns
Michael Canney
Mary and Jorge Cardona
Louis and Shirley Chosy
Sally and Tim E. Corden
Sharon Corrigan
Deb Cote
Thomas Curry
Betty and J. Corkey Custer
Nancy P. Dast
Beverly Davison
Emily and John DeBrosse
Zach DeVries
Fengxia Dong and Xiaodong Du
Jennifer Dorr White and John C. Eisner
Margaret and Wallace H. Douma
Ruth S. and Warren Downs
Linda Dugan
Brian Ellingboe and Errin Pfeifer
Martin and Theresa Evanson
Julie Fain
Donna Filter
Nikki Filter
Barbara Finley
Barbara Jean Furstenberg
Kathleen and William Gallaher
Sharyn Gardill and John Hyland
Warren and Sharon Gaskill
Yael Gen
Jennifer George
Lona George
Norman and Amanda Gilliland
Modesto and Magdalena Gonzales
Rita Grandos Sanchez
Sally Griffith-Oh and Jiwoong Oh
Sarah Haack
Jill Hanes
Sherryl Harlow
Betty Hartman
Jan and Maria Heide
Hillary Hellerbach
Brian Hoffmaster
Min-nan and Pi-Yu Huang
Margaret Hutchinson
Zheyuan Jin and Yin Han
Dottie Johnson
Nancy and Stanley Johnson
Connie Johnston
James Johnston
Robert M. Jones and Linda Mintener
Gregg and Sylvia Jonsson
Nancy Jusick
Tim Kinzel
Rose Klein
Carolyn Kruse and Ellen Pryor
Kathy Kurth
Pierre La Plante
Beth Larson
David and Ann Larson
John and Caroline Lee
Mark and Laureen Leiser
Sandra and Allan Levin
Mary M. and Kun-Chou Lin
Hao-Wei Liu
Richard and Jean Lottridge
Mark and Nancy Mackenzie
Ann and Matthew Marks
Alan Marugaki
Cheryl Marugaki and Jeffrey Stofiel
Jennifer McCreadie
Marilyn McDonald
Stephen Mellin
Kathleen Michel
Suzanne Miller
Anne Millham
Alex Moreno
Richard Moriarty
Robert Mortimore
Alinda and Robert Nelson
Deborah and James Neuman
Kathryne and Patrick O’Donnell
Orthodontic Specialists of Madison
Susan and Ben Passmore
Diane Peltin
Sandi Peterson
Carol Poore
Diana Popowycz
Michael Poppleton
Allen J. Proctor
Nicole Rademacher
Rochelle Rannow
Andrew Reed
Margaret Schmidt
Erica Schorr-Evans and David Evans
Steven and Diane Schwoerer
Jeffrey and Ellen Smoller
Cheryl Spencer
Jean Stewart
Prudence Stewart
Mollie Stolbov
Kurt Studt
David Sulman and Anne Altshuler
James W. Taylor
Julie and Peter Thurlow
Caryl Timm
Urban League of Greater Madison, Inc.
Rebecca Van de Ven
Christopher Vestin
Karen and Ronald Wanke
Nancy E. and John Webster
Charles and Christine Wellington
David and Jean Whitcomb
Carolyn White
Joan Whittingham
Matt Wipperman
Nicolle Wood


Stacie Aeschlimann
Isaac and Helen Akere
Farah Ali
Anonymous (2)
Lisa Aumann
Ronald Baard
Laura Baxter
Katy Beam
Wendy Bedale
Joseph Bernstein and Jackie Scola-Bernstein
Hattie Bestul
Kavita Biyani
Mary and Lance Boettcher
Marcia Bonick
Sally Bormann
Matthew Briddell
Win Brown
Jim Buswell
Ruth Canfield
Mark and Carolyn Cantrell
Suzanne Cheadle
Ying Chen
Colin De Mers
Jacob Dickman
Elizabeth Doolan
Chris Dsouza
Judy Durbak
Debra Dusik
Amy Dyer
Andrea Dyer
Barbara Dyer
Nora Edie
Edward and Rita Emmenegger
Elise Erdmann
Eric Evans
Daniel and Olga Fish
Anna Gade
Megan Gale
Julio Garcia
Amy Garvoille
Kay Gashette
Rose Gear
Mary Jane and Vernon Getlinger
Pauline Goldberg
Stefany Grainger
Becca Hartman-Pickerill
Jisuk Hong
Jennifer Ibrahim
Anne Irish
Michele Janquart
M. Paulette Jochumsen
Matt Johnston
Kathleen Keller
Carol Kiemel
Cris Kramschuster
Joe Kramschuster
Carole and Thomas Kretschman
Paul and Dorothy Kritsch
Helen Kuntz
Debra Kutchin
Callan Lamb
Stella Latourelle
Lee Lodyga
Narda Loebl
Shannon Longo
Ed Lynch
Ramnique Mahl
Char Manion
Martha and Douglas Maxwell
Alison McCreadie
Maureen McCreadie
Tom and Miri McDonald
Mark and Jaci McKamey
Stephanie Meadows
Juliana Mesa-Jaramillo
David Michel
Nancy Morris
Diantha Neinfeldt
Michael and Jinja Nonn
Alec Ochowski
Cherie and Bruce Olsen
Timothy Olsen
Gail Patten
Greg Patten
Megan Patten
Kathy Pawelski
Katie and Todd Peterson
Sarah Peterson
Sean Phillips
John Pickart
Mel Pontious
Emily Raphael
Jeff Robbins
Mike and Katherine Rosing
Stephen Salemson
Kendra Schaffer
Nancy Schallert
Jordu Schell
Becky Schmidt
Ruth Schoenwetter
Gayla Sherman
Rebekah Sherman
Kynan Shook
Eve-Lynn Siegel
Emily Singh
Monu Singh
David Singstock
Joyce and Arlon Spaeth
Melanie and Brendon Smith
Monica Sundal
Shirley Sundquist
Jessica and Jamie Swan
Mary Swenson
Taste of India
Madhu and Sajan Thandaserry
Kathryn Thomas
Bob Thompson
Vicki Tobias
Anne Torney
Janelle Warrick
Jennifer Westergaard
Albert and Kamille Wilkinson
Chris Wood
Christine Wuthrich
Susanna Yaeger-Weiss


These gifts were given in memory of the following individuals.

Olive Endres
David Berg

Mary Jean Goeres
Ann Groves Lloyd and Ron Lloyd

Pearl Gunderson
Karen A. Reuss

Susan Heninger
Thomas Heninger

Noelle S. Ip
Catherine Ahrens
Lyric Bartholomay
David Blehert
Sarah Carzoli
Yael Gen
Dottie Johnson
Kathy Kurth
Hao-Wei Liu
Madison Community Orchestra
Deborah and James Neuman
Carol Poore
Nathan Ramsay
Emily Raphael
The September Moms
Rebekah Sherman
Stephanie Steinfeldt
Mollie Stolbov
Kathryn Thomas
Susan Wigdal

Richard Koglin
Burton Barnard

Karen Larbalestier
Kimberly A. McDowell

Ray C. Mata
Christine Mata Eckel and Scott Eckel

Joyce Noll
Michael and Jinja Nonn

Dotty Pontious
Mel Pontious

Marvin Rabin
Donald B. and Debra Jenny
James Kjelland
Mary M. and Kun-Chou Lin
Norman Paulu

Lalita Rajaraman
Deepkia and Rajaraman Rajesh

LaVonne Senn
Nancy Anderson
Barbara Finley
Mary Ann Fitzsimmons
Joan and George Hall
Ronnie Hess
Nancy Jusick
Carol Kiemel
Carole and Thomas Kretschman
Sandra and Allan Levin
Char Manion
Jean D. and Walter Meanwell
Mary Swenson
Catherine T. Tesar
Connie Wiegeshaus
Ann Wondolowski
Mike Wondolowski

Steven Seybold
Patricia Seybold

Paul David Ulrich
Thomas E. Buchhauser and Jack H. Ely

Jonathan Wellington
Charles and Christine Wellington

Nancy Ellis Wolf
Richard W. and Dolores J. Wolf

Lola Yde
Earl and Mary Updike

Rosalind Zerofsky
Eileen and Thomas P. Sutula
Ronald, Melissa, and Elisabeth Zerofsky


These gifts were given in honor of the following individuals.

Stephen and Mark Arvedson
Joan C. Arvedson

Evan Baker
Eric and Stacy Baker

Carrie Barnard
Jane Barnard

Georgia Blake
Ann Lanphear and Tom Black

Catherine Briddell
Emily and John DeBrosse

Thomas (Tom) Buchhauser
Wallace and Peggy Douma
Norman and Amanda Gilliland
Margaret Schmidt

Kristen and Lisanne Burkholder
Peter and Barbara Burkholder

Bob and Eva Wright Buzecky’s 60th Anniversary
Diane Peltin
Karen and Ronald Wanke

Alexander DeZiel
Mary DeZiel

Ben Ferris
Jane and Michael Ferris

Sasha Forbes
Siiri and Michael Forbes

Molly Fraser
Bridget and Donald Fraser
Murphy Fraser

Chino and Güera Garay
Javier Garay

Michael George
Ruth Margaret Saecker

Shirley and Stanley Inhorn
Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
Kenneth D. Strmiska and Sabina Singh

Charles Kritsch
Paul and Dorothy Kritsch

James Latimer
Allen J. Proctor

Luisa Loving
Donald and Nancy Tubesing

Jeffrey Marks
Ann and Matthew Marks

Julia and Katherine Rieckmann
David and Dawn Rieckmann

Laurie Riss
Gary and Carol Moseson

Christopher Schrader
Brian and Debbie Kay Schrader

Andrée Valley
Richard and Alice Appen

Marty and Jeff Virchow
Janis Savage

Steven Wilke
Ann and Cary Gravatt

Richard (Dick) Wolf
Donald B. and Debra Jenny
Kathy Piech
Stephanie Meadows

Charlotte Woods
Beverly Schrag

WYSO Board Members Past & Present
Thomas E. Buchhauser and Jack H. Ely