Music Makers Tuition

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WYSO Music Makers membership includes private lessons, group classes, performance opportunities, instrument rental and care, sheet music, and a T−shirt. The suggested monthly member fee for WYSO Music Makers is $40 per student.

WYSO Music Makers strives to keep costs as low as possible for our families by offering generous tuition grants to meet a range of sliding-scale fee options. The suggested fee of $40 per month is equivalent to approximately 25% of a student’s total cost of tuition. The remaining 75% tuition grant is made possible through fundraising efforts of the WYSO Board, staff, and families.

Every contribution helps our mission, no matter the amount. Though $40 per month is our suggested fee, some families pay more and some pay less depending on individual circumstances. At registration, please let us know your planned monthly contribution to your WYSO Music Makers tuition- we are happy to adjust the amounts of tuition grants as needed.

Payments may be made online, by check, or with cash on Saturday mornings during group classes.

Music Makers Payments

WYSO Music Makers accepts cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. Payments are due at the beginning of every month and can also be submitted on Saturdays.

Please make checks payable to WYSO Music Makers and sent to:
WYSO Music Makers
P.O. Box 258039
Madison, WI 53725

Payments on Saturday

All payments should be placed in WYSO Music Makers Payment Envelope available at the front desk.


Take an envelope from the front desk and write:

  1. Students name
  2. Current date
  3. Month(s) for which you are paying

Deposit envelope in the red drop box located at the front desk.


All payments with a credit or debit card are processed through our website. If you wish to pay this way on a Saturday, we can provide you with an iPad or laptop to make this payment on-site.

Note: There is a 4% credit/debit card processing fee if you pay online with a credit/debit card.