Endow a Chair

Your Chair is Waiting! 


In WYSO’s Endowed Chair Program, you can create special recognition for a friend, family member, or a beloved music teacher while supporting WYSO’s transformative music opportunities and experiences.

Your chair will hold a permanent position in our endowed Youth Orchestra. As part of an endowment, your donation will continue to support WYSO music programs in perpetuity.

Each endowed chair will be acknowledged on the WYSO website, featured in each concert program, and showcased in a special display in the new WYSO Center for Music.

Donations for Endowed Chairs can be conveniently split into installments by filling out our pledge form below.

Chairs that have already been selected are darkened in the diagram and outlined principal and section instruments are still available to fund.

Join the growing family of WYSO leaders with a gift that will last a lifetime!

Conducting a Youth Orchestra

John J. Frautschi Conductor’s Podium

Susan Hoeft Vandewalle Concertmaster Chair

Wilke Family Associate Concertmaster Chair

Miriam Schneider Memorial Section Violin chair

Marvin J. Levy Section Violin Chair

Mei and Zhou Family Section Violin Chair

Maxwell C. Martin Section Violin Chair

Andrée and John Valley Principal 2nd Violin Chair

The Inhorn Family Principal Viola Chair

John and Marian Bolz Section Viola Chair

Pei and Zhuang Family Section Viola Chair

Doug and Martha Maxwell Principal Cello Chair

Marvin J. Levy Section Cello Chair

Muldowney Family Section Cello Chair

Graham Fuguitt Principal Bass Chair

Nancy Ellis Wolf Memorial Section Bass Chair

Betty Bielefeld Principal Flute Chair

Irving and Dorothy Levy Family Sectional Flute Chair

Marc and Marcia Fink Principal Oboe Chair

James Smith Principal Clarinet Chair

Neal Williams Section Bassoon Chair

Bruce Matthews Principal Horn Chair

Charlie Williams Section Horn Chair

Roderick J. Lippert Section Horn Chair

Marvin J. Levy Sectional Trombone Chair

Karl Stadler Memorial Principal Tuba Chair

Anonymous Principal Harp Chair

Vicki Peterson Jenks Principal Percussion Chair

Andrew George Section Percussion Chair

Eric Douglas Batterman Memorial Section Percussion Chair

Download An Endowed Chair Pledge Form

Please reach out to Development and Communications Director Susan Gardels at susan@wysomusic.org with any questions.