Note by Note Campaign

Color Stripe Graphic


Watch the WYSO Center for Music

Ribbon Cutting ceremony BELOW


We invite you to contribute to the ‘Note By Note Campaign’ to help fund the WYSO Center for Music

at 1118 East Washington Avenue in downtown Madison!



“We are creating a permanent home for generations of young musicians
and a spectacular facility that can be used by the entire community.”

Bridget Fraser, WYSO Executive Director


“This new building right in the heart of Madison will change the horizon for WYSO and the community.
Young musicians will dream bigger and work harder.
They will connect with others who love music and together create a culture of excellence for everyone.”

Pleasant Rowland

Interested in pledging a larger gift over time?
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On the musical staff above is notated the beginning of the simple melody for “Ode to Joy.”

Now watch (below) four hundred WYSO and Music Makers students perform

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor with “Ode to Joy Finale

at Madison’s Overture Center.