WYSO’s Construction Partners

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WYSO’s New Home Meet Our Team!

In order to make WYSO’s vision a reality, we have partnered with Urban Assets, with a wealth of experience in development; Strang Architecture, with a history in designing for performing and cultural arts organizations; Talaske, experts in acoustic design; and J.H. Findorff & Son, a local construction firm passionate about youth education and the arts.

WYSO is excited to introduce you to our community planning partners!

Urban Assets Melissa Huggins & Quinn Heneghan

Melissa Huggins and Quinn Heneghan are known for their expertise and experience with master plans and neighborhoods. Their keen understanding of project organization, stakeholder relationships, and long-term planning helps drive projects to the highest levels of success. As WYSO leaders first began to navigate the complexities of the WYSO New Home Project, they reached out to this Madison team, known for their ability to implement complex planning and development projects.

melissa huggins

Melissa Huggins

Quinn Heneghan

Quinn Heneghan

STRANG Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, and Planning

The architecture firm of Strang is well-known to Madisonians as the designer of such iconic buildings as the Overture Center downtown and the new Hamel Music Center on the UW-Madison campus. The winner of In Business Magazine’s Commercial Architecture award for 8 years running (2013-2021), Strang is also responsible for the innovative design work of the Arts+Literature Laboratory on East Washington, Summit Credit Union Inspiration Branch, Madison College Innovation Center and The Sylvee.

TALASKE Sound Thinking

Richard Talaske’s mission is to design the finest spaces for sound. From multi-use civic centers, to auditoriums, to permanent audio systems installed within buildings, Talaske strives for both silence and clarity of sound. The intertwined specialties of acoustic isolation, noise, and vibration control allow Talaske acousticians to create distraction-free environments combined with low noise. Locally, Talaske designed the sound at the Hamel Music Center, the Hill Theatre at APT, and the 2014 Memorial Union Theater Renovation.


J.H. Findorff & Son Planning and Construction

Findorff & Son

J.H. Findorff & Son is a local firm passionate about education and the arts. The company believes that key decisions made in the preconstruction planning process can establish the groundwork for the success of a project. Developing a project scope, identifying costs, and developing a comprehensive schedule will all ensure that WYSO’s New Home project starts and stays on track. Findorff has built numerous buildings in the Madison area, including Verona Area High School, Exact Sciences Discovery Campus, Bell Laboratories, and Jules Verne at Epic.