Social Activities

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Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Social interaction is intrinsic to being a young musician and an important component of youth education. While many WYSO social activities are informal, there are also programmed activities.

WYSO Students enjoy the Retreat


This special event is for all Sinfonietta and Concert Orchestra members on the first day of the year. Students and families get to know their conductors, the WYSO staff and each other. The day includes a WYSO pizza party for all WYSO members and their families.

Orchestra Members Meeting


Occasional exchange opportunities allow WYSO students to meet members of other youth orchestras and youth arts organizations. Making these new friendships are among students’ most memorable times with WYSO.

Students Enjoy Potluck

Taste of WYSO

The Taste of WYSO is the annual WYSO potluck. The aim of the potluck is to celebrate the diversity of our membership. This is also a social event meant to strengthen the social bonds of the membership. WYSO members enjoy time spent with each other tasting delectable dishes from around the world.

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