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Over the years, we have heard hundreds of personal stories from WYSO students, alumni, and donors. We would like to share some of these stories with you on this page so that you can discover for yourself how the WYSO experience transforms lives and how donating to WYSO creates an investment in the future for all of us. Then push the blue button below. Your gift makes a difference.

Music Makers Excitement!

Kids of all ages have found participation in WYSO’s Music Makers a wonderful life-changing experience. With every contribution to WYSO and its programs, the impact on student’s lives not only reverberates throughout the musical world but also in society, creating responsible and hard working individuals.

Gadea Garcia Music Maker Student
Sharay Metcalf Music Maker Student

Watching my children learn and grow as musicians was great, but watching them grow as human beings was absolutely incredible. They became life-long friends with people of different cultures and languages.

From regional to international touring, from a small chamber group to the largest full orchestra, WYSO affords our students incredible musical opportunities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to thank you personally for the astonishing impact WYSO has had on my two sons. Your Scholarship Program and Endangered Instrument series have opened the doors through which they now march – with integrity, self-respect, goals, patience, grace and pride. We will be forever in your debt.

The musical abilities my son gained through WYSO also helped raise the quality of his school music program. He participated in both the band and orchestra throughout high school. During his senior year, he was a teaching assistant for the lower band level at his school.

Dear Music Makers staff,

We are a lucky family because four years ago Ms. Bonnie give us an opportunity to be part of Music Makers and we’ve met a lot of teachers and staff.

Music Makers have the best view when it comes to the students. They make sure it is a good environment and great group of teachers who provide support and fun classes, staff who bring families together and support us when more we need it.

Music Makers change my kids’ life for better.

Thank you very much to all make Music Makers wonderful and successful.


A grateful mother.

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