Select a Program or Fund

Music touches our community in many ways and you can choose what’s right for you based on your interests and connections. If giving to a specific gift or fund is not important, your gift to the general fund will be directed to the area of most pressing need!



Music Makers

WYSO Music Makers is a non-competitive and inclusive program that provides quality instruments, private and group lessons, and performance opportunities to underserved students (ages 5 to 15) whose families are not able to afford them. 75% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch and most live on the south side of Madison. Ethnic and cultural backgrounds include Hispanic, African-American, African, Hmong, and East Asian and almost 70% of the students speak a language at home other than English.

Family First
Fund (FFF)

This fund was originally designed to help students whose families were affected by COVID-19, either by illness or economics. Recently the Family First Fund transitioned to support any WYSO family emergency that negatively impacts the family’s ability to pay for WYSO tuition, private lessons, chamber music fees, or instrument repairs, rental, or procurement. Students must submit a letter and documents explaining their need and the WYSO Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to help with emergency music costs on a rolling basis.


Chamber Music

Program (CMP)

This program provides chamber music opportunities for members who want to learn more about chamber music and perform in small groups. Donated funds support student scholarships and operational costs of the chamber music program including coach salaries, music expenses, and concert facilities.

James R. Smith

Guest Artist Fund (SGAF)

This fund was established to honor WYSO’s Emeritus Music Director James R. Smith, who led WYSO and conducted the Youth Orchestra for 30 years beginning in 1985. This fund supports illustrious WYSO alumni who return to WYSO as Guest Artists to teach master classes, rehearse, or perform with current students. This learning experience is like no other and helps raise a young musician’s standards and foster the desire to learn and progress musically.


Stanley & Shirley Inhorn

Scholarship Fund (ISF)

This fund supports tuition scholarships to expand access to WYSO’s transformational music programs. Initiated by a lead gift from WYSO Life Trustees Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Shirley Inhorn, the fund helps to eliminate financial barriers for students who want to participate in WYSO.

Thomas Buchhauser

Scholarship Fund (TBSF)

This scholarship was established to honor WYSO’s former Philharmonia Conductor and Associate Music Director, Tom Buchhauser, who served as an exemplary music educator for thousands of WYSO students. This scholarship is awarded to a Philharmonia Orchestra member who successfully auditions into WYSO the following year and demonstrates excellent musicianship, superb attendance, and participation in their school music program.


Martha Fuguitt Fund

for WYSO Music (MFF)

Generously established by her husband, Glenn, and children, Gayle and Graham Fuguitt, to support music rental, purchase, and the establishment of the WYSO music library. WYSO members in all orchestras benefit from this generous gift of music.


Facilities Fund (WFF)

Providing support to help WYSO afford increasing costs for facilities to host programs, student lessons, rehearsals and performances. WYSO is grateful to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Mead Witter School of Music for providing WYSO with facilities support for our first 53 years. Now independent from this support, this new fund is critical to ensure WYSO’s continued operation.