Imagine WYSO’S New Home

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IMAGINE a new home for WYSO that can accommodate all of the WYSO programs under a single roof, with state-of-the-art rehearsal space for orchestras and ensembles of all sizes, studio teaching spaces for area musicians, administrative offices, a music library, and with space for all of the current WYSO orchestra and Music Makers students plus room to grow the programs.


  • A building that is used daily (rather than just weekends), with rehearsal space sized for all five orchestras, chamber music groups, ensembles from harp to percussion, and small music studios perfect for private lessons.
  • A building that encourages WYSO Music Makers to flourish in a community of student musicians all learning new techniques, new ways of thinking, and new instruments.
  • A building that can host collaborations of WYSO musicians with dancers or choral students from the Madison Youth Arts Center, with proximity to performance opportunities at the Overture Center, The Sylvee, or at churches on Williamson Street.
  • A location in a vibrant section of downtown Madison, on a major transit corridor for easy access, where WYSO can provide much needed large rehearsal space for its own programs as well as for the community.


What Will Make This Building Unique ?


  • Three large rehearsal halls:
    • Each is large enough to hold a full orchestra of 100 musicians.
    • Rooms are tall enough to create the best acoustics, with Rehearsal Room A reaching 39′ from floor to ceiling.
    • Balconies ring each hall so parents, students, and visitors can watch rehearsals from above as members respond to each other and orchestras are born.
  • Superior Acoustics
    • Acoustic isolation begins with blocking the noise from East Washington Avenue.
    • Strong acoustic “bones” emphasize room height and shape.
    • Surfaces absorb and shape sound waves for clarity.
    • Sound isolation for each hall ensures that one orchestra cannot hear another.
    • Yet, within each hall, musicians can hear each note, each intonation.
  • An architectural design that inspires creativity and collaboration.
    • In a building inspired by the curves and textures of musical instruments, students will experience first hand how one art form can inspire another.
    • Multiple gathering spaces and studios will encourage collaboration between musicians and visiting artists, dancers and writers.

First Floor Diagram

Hamel Music Center Rehearsal Hall

Second Floor Diagram

Hamel Music Center Rehearsal Hall

Third Floor Diagram