2024 Summer Chamber Music Camp

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Summer Chamber Music Camp Registration Form

Welcome to WYSO’s online Summer Chamber Music Camp Registration Form.

This year’s chamber music camp will take place July 15-19, 2024 at the WYSO Center for Music. The deadline to register is June 7.

For more exciting details about the 2024 Summer Chamber Music Camp, click here.

After completing and submitting the registration form, you will be directed to complete the next-step: either pay the $400 tuition fee by check, pay the fee with a credit card, or if applying for a scholarship, to email wyso@wysomusic.org with your intention. Submitting the registration form is just the first phase in the process. You will not receive an email confirmation until you have completed one of the three next-step options.


Student Name*
Students must be at least 11 years old to participate in this camp.
Number of years you have played the selected instrument*
Are you applying as an individual musician or as part of a pre-formed group?*
All proposed members of a pre-formed group need to register independently and list each other as their group.
A video recording is required to place you in a group. Please record 2-3 minutes of anything that you are currently working on. Please add two scales of your choosing (at least two octaves). Paste a link to your video-recording in the box below.
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