Nov 6, 2020This week Governor Tony Evers announced that $15 million in COVID-19 Cultural Organization Grants has been awarded to 385 cultural organizations across Wisconsin. “Just like small businesses, cultural organizations have taken a major financial hit,” said DOA Secretary Joel Brennan. “We’re all in this together.”

WYSO is proud and grateful to have been awarded a Governor Evers’ COVID-19 Cultural Organization Grant to help pay for our flexible Fall programming, our nimble pivot to Zoom lessons, and our in-person COVID-19 adaptive-rehearsals featuring a galaxy of locations.

From tented rehearsals for our Woodwinds & Brass in the parking lots of McFarland High School to Percussion in a ballroom at Monona Terrace to Strings in the classrooms at Edgewood College, to the virtual classrooms of Zoom, WYSO members have been following the Public Health Madison and Dane County recommendations for Youth Programs. With small groups of 15 and fewer students in each cohort, each student masked, and all socially distanced, WYSO has continued moving forward with live music with the help of our supporters. Read the full story.