Thank You – WYSO Orchestras Registration Form


Thank you for submitting your 2022-2023 WYSO Orchestras Registration Form and your agreement to honor WYSO’s 2022-2023 Letter of Agreement. We are thrilled to have you with us this year! There are still 5 steps before your registration is complete. Please keep this page open as a point of reference while you complete the steps.

  1. Register for Chamber Music Program (optional)
  2. Complete the WYSO Medical and Media Information Form 
  3. Set up your WYSO Member Portal account
  4. Set up your Musical Notes WYSO Member account
  5. Pay tuition fees   Tuition payments need to be paid by August 12, by cash, check or online payment. Tuition for WYSO membership is tiered by orchestra level and represents less than 30% of the total cost to support a musician in the program. Checks can be mailed to: PO Box 258039, Madison, WI 53725. Click here for more information.
  • Youth Orchestra – $850
  • Philharmonia Orchestra – $775
  • Concert Orchestra – $700
  • Sinfonietta – $675
  • Opus One – $600
  • Harp Program – $700
  • Chamber Music Program – $400

Once everything is completed, be sure to read through the WYSO Membership Handbook for further information regarding this upcoming season.