Michelle Kaebisch

Philharmonia Orchestra Conductor

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Philharmonia Orchestra Conductor Michelle Kaebisch currently teaches orchestra and music composition classes at Oregon High School. Formerly the Director of Education & Community Engagement at the Madison Symphony Orchestra (MSO), from 2006-2016, and tenured violinist with the MSO from 1993-2015, she holds a BS degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her book, HeartStrings: A Guide to Music Therapy-Informed Community Engagement for Symphony Orchestras, published in January of 2012, has been distributed to almost 500 orchestras and healthcare facilities world-wide.

She has presented at several conferences including: League of American Orchestras (LAO), Association of Wisconsin Symphony Orchestras, and Freiburg University Cancer Center. Ms. Kaebisch was co-chair of the LAO’s national Education & Community Engagement Committee as well as a mentor to education directors who were new to the field of arts administration. She remains active with the Wisconsin School Music Association, is a sought after clinician and conductor for camps, festivals and honors orchestras, and a member of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Writing Committee for the new State Standards for Music Education. Ms. Kaebisch was appointed a conducting position with WYSO in 2013.

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