Geri Hamilton

Sinfonietta Conductor

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Sinfonietta conductor Geri Hamilton graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the spring of 2004. She has experience teaching beginners, middle and high school level orchestras through her work in the public schools of Waunakee, Stoughton and Oregon. In the spring of 2016, she joined the artistic staff of WYSO. Not only has Mrs. Hamilton been a violinist with the Madison Symphony Orchestra since 2003, she also enjoys singing and playing electric fiddle with her band, Tent Show Troubadours (of which her husband also sings and plays guitar) and makes it a top priority as a music educator to maintain her playing skills and be the best ambassador possible for her students. Her extensive travel experience with various musical ensembles to places such as New York, Seattle, Canada, Spain and Japan, have opened her eyes to the importance of teaching a diverse repertoire of music and exposing students to the different cultures and musical genres of the world.

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