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Welcome to WYSO’s online Masterclass application form. Please note that all required fields are indicated with an * (asterisk) symbol. Call WYSO at 608-733-6283 if you have any questions about this form or the Masterclass Series.

Student Name*
Have you participated in a previous masterclass before? If so, with who?
I verify that I am available at the date and time of the masterclass.*

Masterclasses are only open to members of the Youth and Philharmonia Orchestras.
I am submitting a video-recording where I am playing the following piece of music:
A video recording of your playing is a key piece of your application. Please create a video-recording of a solo piece (or excerpts) that is no longer than six minutes and paste the link in the box below. Make sure the proper permissions are set for the music director and guest artist to view your video.

This application form is for WYSO's 2021-22 Virtual Masterclass Series. By applying for this masterclass, the student acknowledges that the submitted application video will be shown online to an audience as part of the masterclass process and that the entire online masterclass will be recorded and can be shown for educational purposes.
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