New May 31 Deadlines for Auditions & Seat Reservations

Apr 18, 2020 | News

Whether a student chooses to stay in the same orchestra in which they have been playing or wants to audition into a new orchestra, the NEW deadline to let WYSO know your plans is MAY 31.

If you are a current WYSO member and wish to remain in your current orchestra, all you need to do is complete the Seat Reservation Form . The $50 reservation fee (which will be applied to next season’s tuition) is now optional.

If a student wishes to move up to the next orchestra, the first step is to submit an Audition Application Form and $35 audition fee, again by the May 31 deadline. Once the Application is received, the student will receive an email with all of the audition next-steps. Auditions may be submitted online by sharing a link. Applicants also have the option of mailing a DVD, CD, or flash drive.  Click here for more information!

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