WYSO Practice-a-thon


To kick off the PRACTICE-A-THON activities, plan to attend our April 6 and 13 Virtual Workshops that will explore how you can make the most of your practice time.
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THEN, from April 17 – May 1, we are inviting WYSO members to keep track of their practice time and to ask their family and friends to sponsor them by donating. All donations from the Practice-A-Thon will go towards your member’s Musical Notes Campaign.


Have your member ask relatives, parents’ coworkers, neighbors, and friends to sponsor them.
Sponsors or pledgers can donate three different ways. 

1. Donate a flat rate.
2. Pledge per minute practiced.
3. Pledge per minute practiced with a max amount set.

For example, Doug pledges .10 cents a minute with a max donation of $50.
If the member practices 600 minutes total, then Doug will only donate $50.

Track practice time from Saturday, April 17 through Saturday, May 1.
Collect online credit card or check donations.

1. Online donations must be placed by the sponsor through your member’s personal fundraising page. To create a page, click here!

2. Check donations must be mailed to the WYSO office. Include the member’s name in the check memo. The mailing address is PO Box 258039, Madison WI 53725.

Turn in practice sheets during WYSO rehearsal the weekend of May 8th – 9th  or mail to the WYSO office postmarked by May 7th.

Click here to Download and Print Practice Form

Click here to Download and Print Pledge Form

Each member can help WYSO’s Musical Notes fundraising goal by setting a personal practice goal of 300
minutes (only 20 minutes a day), and by obtaining five pledges at .10 cents per minute. A total of $150 will
be raised for the Musical Notes Campaign.

• Recommended and Example Pledges:
10 cents – $1 for each minute practiced is recommended

Credit card donations through your member’s fundraising page will be emailed a tax receipt following their
successful donation.

Checks, payable to WYSO, will receive a tax-deductible donation acknowledgment with a tax receipt from
WYSO. Please include the name of the member you are supporting in the check memo line.

Hello, I play music with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras . We are holding a Practice-A-Thon to
raise money for our Musical Notes Campaign. My goal is to practice for (insert your goal) minutes over the
next two weeks! Would you be willing to support me by donating to this wonderful cause?” 
(include the link
to your Classy fundraising page).

There are three ways you can support my goal:
1. Donate a flat amount.
2. Pledge an amount per minute I practice.
3. Pledge an amount per minute I practice with a maximum amount set.

Thank you for your support!

Tier One: Any member who meets this goal by May 1st will be awarded a WYSO bumper sticker.

  • Opus One: 225 minutes
  • Sinfonietta: 300 minutes
  • Concert: 450 minutes
  • Philharmonia: 450 minutes
  • Youth: 675 minutes

Tier Two: Any member who meets this goal by May 1st will be awarded a WYSO bumper sticker and will
also be awarded a Symphony Bar. (If any member has an allergy, please indicate this on the practice sheet.)

  • Opus One: 375 minutes
  • Sinfonietta: 450 minutes
  • Concert: 675 minutes
  • Philharmonia: 675 minutes
  • Youth: 900 minutes

Tier Three: Any member who meets this goal by May 1st will awarded a WYSO
bumper sticker, a Symphony bar, and will be entered into two drawings.

  • Opus One: 525 minutes or more
  • Sinfonietta: 600 minutes or more
  • Concert: 900 minutes or more
  • Philharmonia: 900 minutes or more
  • Youth: 1,350 minutes or more

Drawings for Tier Three:
1. Each orchestra will draw 1 winner from its members who achieve Tier Three— to receive a $20 gift card
from Heid Music Store. (five total winners)
2. All members who achieve Tier Three will also be put into a general drawing for the Grand Prize, a $100
Amazon gift card (one winner only will be selected from all 5 orchestras).


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