School Music Participation Policy

All WYSO members are expected, and strongly encouraged, to participate in their school orchestra, band, or strings program. Members who do not meet this expectation are asked to notify the WYSO Executive Director, in writing, of their plans. Involvement in school orchestra or band, the training and experience gained there, and the support received from school music directors make WYSO members stronger leaders. In turn, school music programs will benefit from the technical, musical, and leadership skills WYSO members develop.

School music ensembles provide daily playing and technique/musicianship building, exposure to a wide variety of literature, the chance to learn from different music directors, additional opportunities (all-state groups, solo/ensemble festivals, tours, competitions, musicals, community events), and opportunities for leadership and to serve as role models.

Participation in scheduled school orchestra or band performances always takes precedence over WYSO. Absences due to school music activities will not be considered a commitment issue but will count toward misses for a concert cycle. All absences exceeding the per-concert limit will be reviewed by the administrative staff and in some cases by the conductor. Performances with school music programs will receive special consideration in each member's attendance review. If all absences during the cycle are due to school music program performances, the member will be allowed to perform in the concert. If there are absences in addition to the school music absences, the member will not be allowed to perform (i.e. - in the Fall cycle, a member has three absences: all three are due to school music performances - they are allowed to perform with WYSO; two are due to school music performances and one is due to testing - they willnot be allowed to perform with WYSO during that concert cycle.) Careful plannning often permits the fulfillment of both school and WYSO commitments.

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