Letter of Agreement & Waiver

Please read the agreement below and mark that you have read both the Letter of Agreement and the Waiver. Submit at the bottom of the page.

Letter of Agreement

I. COVID-19 Social Contract

  • I am expected to monitor my health for COVID-19 related symptoms and will take reasonable precautions to minimize my exposure to COVID-19. Before arriving at rehearsals, I will assess my symptoms and take my temperature. In the case I have any COVID-19 symptoms, especially a high temperature, I will contact WYSO staff immediately to inform them I will not be at rehearsal.
  • While at rehearsal, I understand a face-covering and instrument coverings (as applicable) are required to attend rehearsal. I will practice proper hand washing using soap and water or a hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol and will practice social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others. To prevent the spread of any illness, I am expected to bring all required materials to rehearsal and will not share personal items with other members (i.e. phones, pencils, music, etc.).

II. Attendance Policy (abridged)

    • COVID-19 Attendance Addendum
    • WYSO allows only two (2) absences during the first concert cycle, three (3) during the second cycle, and two (2) during the final cycle.
      Regardless of the reason for my absence, if I am absent for more than the allotted number of rehearsals during a given concert cycle, my conductor may dismiss me from performing in the respective concert. My conductor also may adjust seating assignments based on my attendance and punctuality. WYSO reserves the right to dismiss a member due to lack of commitment as demonstrated by attendance.
    • Attendance is required at all WYSO orchestra and ensemble concerts in which you are expected to perform. An absence from a concert without reasonable excuse is probable cause for dismissal from the WYSO program.

III. School Participation (abridged)

  • As a WYSO member, I am expected, and strongly encouraged, to participate in my school orchestra, band or strings program. Participation in scheduled activities of my school orchestra or band should always take precedence over WYSO.
    Only occasionally do WYSO members opt not to participate in their school orchestra or band for a given year. In such cases, members are required to notify the WYSO executive director, in writing, of their plans.

IV. Musical Notes Fundraising Participation

  • As a WYSO member, I am expected to participate in the Musical Notes Family Fundraising Campaign and meet the $150 fundraising goal through one or more of the fundraising options (online fundraising, letter writing, festival volunteering, raffle ticket sales, etc.). Gifts to the Musical Notes campaign help to fund all aspects of WYSO’s music programs.

V. Code of Conduct

  • As a member of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras, I am an “ambassador” for the entire organization; my behavior reflects upon the entire group. I am expected to use good manners, display common courtesy and show consideration for others. I understand that a successful WYSO experience requires a cohesive group wherein each individual accepts and follows the same standards of behavior.
  • WYSO is dedicated to educating a diverse and changing student body. WYSO affirms its commitment to a community in which all students and staff are accepted and judged as individuals, independent of ancestry, social background, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, or personal beliefs.

VI. Publicity

  • I understand that WYSO may use my name and/or photos in print or on its website and also may authorize others to do so for purposes of communication or publicity. If I choose not to release my name and likeness for these purposes, I will have selected “No” on the Registration Form in response to providing permission for my photographic likeness to be used in print or electronic materials for education or publicity purposes for WYSO.


I acknowledge and agree that WYSO has implemented various safety measures intended to protect my child and others, but that when my child is participating in the WYSO programs and events, there are inherent risks of physical injury and illness, including the risk of exposure to or contracting the coronavirus/COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and potential additional and associated consequences or costs. I acknowledge that my child’s participation in WYSO is completely voluntary, and as a condition of participation in WYSO, I agree that we (my child, and we as parents and guardians) will comply with all WYSO rules and requirements, including health screening and temperature checks as deemed appropriate by WYSO or through any other legal requirement or agency guidance. All information provided by screening will be kept confidential as required by applicable laws. WYSO will use the information provided only to advise and protect other students and staff members from any transmission of the virus.

The Letter of Agreement and Waiver form will be made available after July 2.

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