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WYSO Late Auditions!

WYSO is now accepting Late Audition Applications!

These will be video auditions and WYSO is listening to all instruments (but encouraging audition applications for instruments of need: viola, string bass, bassoon, horn, trombone, and trumpet.)


  • August 15 – Application deadline (Fill out the simple application form. Instructions on how to record and submit your video audition will be sent after applying).
  • August 17 and 19 – Submit  your Video Audition.
  • September 2 – Audition results will be sent.
  • September 10 – First rehearsal.
  • Tuition information can be found here.

What to prepare for the audition:

  • Scales according to the orchestra you are auditioning for
  • 2-minute solo of your choosing (approx.)
  • Excerpts (password shared after registering)
  • Sight-reading (strings only)

The cost for auditioning into an orchestra is $50.00.

Do not apply if you already auditioned in May or June.