In the third phase of the audition, you will play your required excerpts.

These excerpts are designed to provide the judges with a basis for adjudicating students on the same materials with the same length of preparation.

Excerpts change from year to year and are provided by our conductors.

The 2021-22  WYSO audition excerpts are not yet available.  The ones listed below are examples from last year.

Youth Excerpts

Philharmonia Excerpts

Concert Excerpts

Sinfonietta Excerpts

Opus One Excerpts

NOTE for Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion: If you are not sure which orchestra to apply for, the safest thing is to simply prepare the Philharmonia/Youth materials. Concert Orchestra requirements are encompassed within the Philharmonia/Youth audition materials, so in preparing the extra material, you will in effect be auditioning for all three orchestras. If you audition on the Philharmonia and Youth materials and are not accepted into one of those ensembles, you will still be considered for Concert Orchestra.


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