Audition Overview

Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras has held a vibrant reputation of excellence throughout its 50-plus years of existence. Marvin Rabin instilled strong values of integrity through education and performance, which remain alive today. We’re proud to share this opportunity with the youth of Wisconsin and anticipate your application!


Making the Decision to Audition

The WYSO commitment includes attending Saturday morning rehearsals throughout the school year, performing in several concerts, and possibly missing one or two days of school for in-state school tours. Youth Orchestra members make an even larger commitment due to more concert dates and touring. Discuss the WYSO commitment with your family and how it will impact your school work, family time, friends and other extracurricular activities. WYSO members believe the commitment is worth it. Learn more here!

Eligibility requirements and string proficiency levels have been developed in order to ensure the highest quality musical, educational and social setting for all members. Please refer to these guidelines when determining which orchestra most suits your abilities.

Note: WYSO will place you in an orchestra best suited to your ability level. This may not be the orchestra for which you audition.

Eligibility and Proficiency     FAQ's

2021 Audition Application Form and Recording Instructions

To practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC, this year, WYSO will only accept video-recorded auditions. Recordings may be submitted online or by mail starting June 1-7, 2021. The PDF at the link below provides important audition dates, instructions for recording a video, instructions for submitting a video, and tips and tricks for recording and uploading your video.

Still have questions? Click here to register for the May 5 Virtual Audition Workshop!

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Audition for WYSO     Audition Instructions

Audition Preparation

Please click on each button to learn more about what the components for the video-recorded audition are and what to prepare. 

Scales     Solo     Excerpts     Sight Reading

To prepare for your recorded video, watch the recorded Audition Tips prepared for you by two of our WYSO conductors: Michelle Kaebisch and Erin Barnard.

  • Tuning Tips by Michelle Kaebisch
    Learn the ins-and-outs of accurately tuning a stringed instrument using easy to download tuning apps and mechanical tuning devices. From beginning with the A string to loosening a stuck peg, you will learn the tricks of the trade that will make you sound your absolute best.
  • Recording Tips by Michelle Kaebisch
    Where do you set your iphone to make a good recording? How do you position your body? Where should you put your music stand? In this recording, Michelle Kaebisch answers all of these questions and more.
  • How to Submit Your Taped Audition by Erin Barnard
    You’ve finished recording your audition and you suddenly have a moment of panic: Now what do you do? In this recorded video, Erin Barnard shares information about the 3 major ways to create a link and submit your audition to WYSO using YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

For Current Members Only

If you wish to remain in your current orchestra, please complete this Seat Reservation form. The seat reservation fee of $50 is required and will be applied towards the student’s 2021 – 2022 tuition. An additional 3% transaction fee is added for credit card payments.

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